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Letters from Stan

Letters from Stan is an amazing collection of correspondence written by Stan Laurel. There’s no way to better what they have to say on the subject so here is a copy of their front page. Please spend some time on the site by clicking here.

Starting with his early days in British vaudeville, where he worked with Charlie Chaplin, to his teaming with Oliver Hardy at Hal Roach Studios in 1926, Stan Laurel’s talents proved him to be one of the all-time masters of comedy.
He loved to make people laugh. He also loved to write letters. Lots of them. In fact, after the death of his long-time partner, it is estimated that Stan wrote several thousand letters! He told jokes, discussed politics and reminisced about his Hollywood past with friends, family and strangers alike.
Over the years, as the letter recipients have passed away, these letters through private sales, autograph and memorabilia shows, and auctions have scattered to all four corners of the world.
The Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project hopes to collect and catalog as many of Stan’s letters as is possible, allowing everyone to better understand his life and celebrate his comedic genius. Website of the Year


The Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project has original Stan Laurel letters in its collection. It also has a file of Stan Laurel letters that it has collected over the years. Each letter is carefully transcribed and input into the Archive.
Since Stan wrote the bulk of his letters after Oliver Hardy’s death in 1957, the Archive is split from 1957-1964. Letters written prior to 1957 can be found under the heading “Early Letters.” Letters written in 1965 (Stan died in February of that year), will be housed under the “Letters 1964″ heading, since their number will surely be small. The Oceana Today
Each and every letter is an important part of the searchable content of the Archive and will forever be made available FOR FREE to fans and researchers alike. There will never be a charge to use the Archive, nor will it ever make a penny in profit from its contents. This is a totally genuine labor of love. It is a gift to Stan, for years of laughter and uncomparable joy!
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This is a very ambitious project. To be successful, we desperately need your help. The Archive presently contains just a small sampling of the Stan Laurel letters in our files. Many more will be added in the months to come.
Please support the project by submitting your letters for inclusion in the Archives.
If you have an original letter from Stan or have a copy not included in these archives, please add a copy of your letter by contacting us via e-mail at: info@lettersfromstan.com
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6 Responses to Letters from Stan

  1. Terry Ridland says:

    I have a personal photograph of Stan and Oliver send to my Grandfather in Victoria BC in the 1960′s. It is autographed by both with “Best wishes Davis” sighed by Stan& Oliver. It also has the personalized envelope of Stan Laurels Maliboo CA address. I think my Grandfather was a relative of Stans and was born in Ulverston also. Friends at the very least. His name was Davis Clarke.
    They corresponded back and forth many times but the letters have been lost.
    I was with my Grandparents on a visit to Ulverston for 3 months in 1951 and hope to come back and look up a cousin of mine. They used to live at 38 Soutergate street. I have lost all contact with them and it would be fun to go searching.
    If you are interested I will bring the picture and envelope with me when I can get over there. The letter in it is gone but the envelope and picture are in good shape
    Have a great day,
    T. Ridland

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