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Laurel & Hardy – The Collection (21-disc Box Set) [DVD]

This collection has been around for a good few years now, it started of at £200 and even at this high price it was considered a good buy. Over the years the price dropped to as low as £40, but recently it has started creeping up again, this could be because availability is limited so if you just want to cover all your bases and get your collection started then now might be the time. It’s currently available on Amazon for around £99.

Of the 21 disks, all are available separately apart from disk 21  which features:

All the bonus material is interesting to see, but if you’re planning to build your collection over time the don’t worry about missing this stuff.

Here is the full DVD listing for Laurel and Hardy – Collection

As the disks are reviewed individually, the titles will be underlined so you can jump straight to the page.

  • 1. A Chump At Oxford/Related Shorts
  • 2. Classic Shorts/Someone’s Ailing
  • 3. Way Out West/Shorts
  • 4. Classic Shorts/Ollie And Matrimony
  • 5. Our Relations/Dual Roles Shorts
  • 6. Classic Shorts/Murder In The Air
  • 7. Blockheads/Themed Shorts
  • 8. Classic Shorts/Blackmail
  • 9. The Bohemian Girl/Related Shorts
  • 10. Classic Shorts/Be Big/Laughing Gravy
  • 11. Saps At Sea/Themed Shorts
  • 12. Classic Shorts/Laurel And Hardy And The Law
  • 13. Sons Of The Desert/Related Shorts
  • 14. Classic Shorts/A Job To Do
  • 15. Pack Up Your Troubles/Related Shorts
  • 16. Classic Shorts/Maritime Adventures
  • 17. Swiss Miss/Animal Shorts
  • 18. Classic Shorts/Married Life
  • 19. Pardon Us/One Prison Short
  • 20. Classic Shorts/More Brushes With The Law
  • 21. Bonus disc: Original version of Brats (1930), extracts from German version of Pardon Us (1931), Thundering Fleas (1926),Fluttering Hearts (1927), Prudence (1927) and the documentary Laurel & Hardy – A Tribute To The Boys (1991)

Is it worth buying?

Absolutely, if you find it for less than £100 it’s a steal. Anything more than that and you may consider building up your collection over time, however the box looks great and is extremely useful for keeping that many DVDs in the right place. The bonus disk also contains some interesting oddities.

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9 Responses to Laurel & Hardy – The Collection (21-disc Box Set) [DVD]

  1. Christie es casi el nico nombre propio destacado entre el resto de letras, que se centran ms bien en personajes, como Sherlock Holmes, y en aspectos del gnero como Pistas, Eclesistico, Forense, Xenofobia o Zodaco.

  2. Paul Hudson says:

    This is a must for any fan of these geniuses. Everyone of the 21 discs are superb and of great interest. The box is nice as well. Well worth getting, you won’t be dissapointed.

  3. 76:28 Frank McKeown (Stranraer) wins a free kick in the attacking half Conceded by Grant Adam. 14:14 Kyle Wilkie (Livingston) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Dundee. 52:38 Foul by Ross Chisholm (Arbroath). 43:56 Attempt missed. Assisted by Dennis Aogo with a cross. Conceded by Lukasz Szukala. The FSB said that big business could help more by paying suppliers on time. a profile for the lost animal is brought up.

  4. christine lyness says:

    omg yeah love my box set love laurel and hardy so much, thanx dad.i watch them every day without fail. if you love to laugh then u have to get this box set its soooooo funny,its worth every penny an more.not to mention worth a lot of money in years to come so if u can get ure hands on one good luck an look after it .

  5. TraciMoraple says:

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  6. Trystan says:

    I have this box set but I noticed there is one episode I think which is missing, when I was little I saw one where they were both going to be executed in a desert and then Stan said to Oliver “I will see you in heaven only I will be wearing wings and playing the harp“ which Oliver said “well how will I recognise you as they all look like that” to which stan replied “well I will keep my hat on so you will recognise me”.
    I was little then so I didn’t know what it was called but that scene has never left me, and when I bought the box set I watched all the episodes and it was nowhere to be found can you help me?

  7. Hi! Thanks for this info! Really enjoyed reading this page.

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