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Return to Arendel, Forzen Christmas Party

The Princesses are back at the Laurel and Hardy Museum

We love Frozen at the Laurel and Hardy Museum, so much so that we’ve invited the princesses along to have a party! Sing-along to your favourite songs, have a dance and meet the cast for a photo opportunity at the end. This magical show has sold out everywhere it has been so far so don’t miss out! Adults get a free mulled wine to celebrate the festive season.

Two shows so that nobody needs to miss out: 1PM & 4PM on Sunday the 28th of December. Tickets £10.00

Click here to book your tickets.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page Nights at the Laurel and Hardy Museum for updates about this, and all our other events. The Laurel and Hardy Museum is Ulverston’s newest venue.

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