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The Poster From Friends.

For ten years, starting in 1994, one of the most popular shows on TV was Friends. The final episode was watched by over 52 million people in america alone, with a huge following around the world. Many of you will remember the show, and most should remember The Poster From Friends, I certainly do, as I was asked about it on an almost daily basis while in the museum. If I had been able to find that poster for sale at the time, I would have been, well not quite a millionaire, but possibly less worried about my credit status than I am at present. The poster popped into my mind again recently and so I thought I’d see if it was available. Apparently it is, here on Amazon (please note, this is a UK link). There are a few little curiosities I stumble across on the likes of Amazon and eBay so I’ll be sharing anything interesting in this new blog category. If you’ve seen anything unusual, or you’re selling something, let us know at laurelandhardymuseum@gmail.com and put Spotted on the web as the subject line.

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